Testimonials & Past Jobs

Wanda & Kevin MacDonald


We were fortunate to be introduced to ES Olsson after sharing our woes with some friends.  In our hearts we wanted to restore what we believed was a Door County, Ephraim gem but all the recommendations were to tear it down.  During a tour of some of their prior work we realized that ES Olsson had the same passion for restoring as we did. We hired them and it was the best decision we ever made.  Our restoration project was not for the faint of heart.  It required creative thinking and the adeptness to find solutions where there didn’t seem to be any. Whether it was installing the right foundation from the inside out for a house that sits only a few feet above lake waters, meticulously releveling the house that was off in every unimaginable direction – 1/16 of an inch lift here required tucks over there and there… It was truly a ballet in motion, to finding someone to restore the original maple floors that were so warped after years of neglect. Our list can go on and on.  And all of this happened during inclement weather to boot. We were engaged in every detail and they were a partner throughout.  The finished product speaks for itself. Would I do this again?  Yes.  Would I hire ES Olsson again?  Absolutely. Wanda and Kevin McDonaldEphraim, WisconsinChicago, Illinois

Mark Dewalt



I tried for several months to find a qualified contractor for the renovation of our 160 year old cabin in Ellison Bay. After spending 30 minutes with Buck Olson I knew I had found the right company. Buck is very knowledgeable about the issues regarding renovation and general construction. As an Architect I was very interested in the details and getting it right. I was also concerned about taking on the project while still living in Illinois. Communicating with Buck was easy and we worked out all the details mostly over the phone. In almost all cases his solutions paralleled what I was suggesting. The project turned out great and has exceeded our expectations. It is without hesitation that I make the highest recommendation for Buck for ES Olsson. 

Mark Gewalt AIA

John & Peg Lowry


Peg and I want to express our sincere thank you and appreciation to you and your crew for remedying what would have been potentially a very destructive situation. Your contact and follow ups was excellent and the crew was very professional. They answered our silly questions along with the more serious ones in the same courtesy and explained what they had found and how they planned to remedy the situation. 

We look forward to working with you again in 2018. Thank you

John Lowry 

Scott & Duska Pearson


I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've provided on all things related to our home in Door County. You've been AWESOME to work with and I really appreciate you being so responsive to everything. Happy New Year!